Welcome to our blog! Bridgette was born on my due date, January 17, 2011. We are truely blessed!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kujawski Farm and Houston trip

This past weekend we went on a little road trip to visit Jenna and Brady and to Houston to visit Julie Schoppa so I could go to the NKOTBSB concert with her. Bridgette had a great trip! Bridgette tested out all of their baby items so they could make sure they were ready for Kassidy. B loved her crib, changing table, and swing. Kassidy hurry up and get here so other babies won't have to use all of your stuff!! Jenna is expecting any day now. They have a video monitor and we had a blast watching B roll around in the crib and sleep soundly. A baby goat was born while we were there so Jenna insisted that we take a picture of Bridgette and the goat. I showered and everyone else went outside for the photo shoot. B loved exploring the animals!

Saturday night I went with Julie to the NKOTBSB concert. Patrick and Bridgette went and stayed with Erick, Amanda, and Kaci. This was the first night I have spent away from Bridgette. I had a great time and really enjoyed my time with Julie! The concert was awesome! I missed P & B a lot and it was weird not waking up to B's smiling face. They had a great time with Erick, Amanda and Kaci. Patrick took great care of B like he always does. He is such a wonderful husband to let me/encourage me to take some time off from being a mom!


We have taken Bridgette swimming in our pool twice now. She loves it!!! The pictures don't capture how much fun she has but honestly she has a blast. She loves to splash with her hands and kick with her feet. It catches her off guard when the water splashes in her face but she quickly gets over it and continues to splash. She also loves splashing in the bathtub now!

5 months old

I can't believe that Bridgette is 5 months old! I think I say this every month but time sure does fly by fast. This month Bridgette learned how to make a lot of funny noises with her mouth. She loves to squeal!! We call it her dolphin call because she made the noise every morning while at the beach and we saw dolphins several days while we were there. She loves to play on her play mat and hit the toys with her hands and watch them fly. She still loves her swing and bouncy seat but doesn't last as long in them as she use to. She loves to sit in her theater chair and watch Baby Einstein. She plays with her feet all the time and has learned to put them in her mouth. She puts everything in her mouth and is drooling like crazy. She enjoys tummy time every now and then and has great neck control. She still cannot roll over but she also doesn't seem to care about rolling over, she is content on her back and belly. She sleeps through the night but is inconsistent on how long she will sleep. Usually 8-10 hours and if she wakes for a feeding she goes right back to sleep.

She had her first illness in May. She was not herself one week and was crying a lot and not sleeping through the night (waking multiple times). It was the same week she went to the Dr. for her shots so I had a hard time distinguishing between pain from shots or something else. My babysitter Lexi was wonderful with Bridgette. She was very patient with her and gave me good insight on what was going on. It was her first week watching B and she could tell that something was not right. I called the Dr. on Friday because Thursday night B had a temp of 99.7. Not a fever but thought I should call anyway since our week was getting worse and not better. They fit us in on Friday and we were given an antibiotic for an ear infection. Dr. H said she couldn't see an ear infection but since B was so congested and has been for a long time she thought it was time to treat it. On Saturday morning Patrick went to ride his bike and B decided she was going to scream her head off for a what felt like forever. Just was I thought I was going to not survive my mom gave me great advice over the phone and my friend Whitney came over to meet B. Whit was my lifesaver that day! She couldn't have had better timing or better motherly advice. Within a few days B was back to her normal smiley, playful self! It was a very hard week but I did survive with wonderful support from my husband and mother!

Her reflux meds are finally working! She doesn't spit up nearly as much and as frequently. I eliminated nuts from my diet and in about a week and a half her BMs went back to normal. They went weird again after I had to use milk from the freezer. The good news is it didn't affect her mood so it's probably a food sensitivity and not an allergy. She is a very happy baby and usually only fusses when she is hungry or tired.

First Vacation

The first week of June we went to Marco Island, FL with my parents. We had a really fun time! Bridgette did well on the plane ride there, she only cried a little bit because she couldn't get comfortable. I don't blame her, planes are not comfortable. Patrick and my mom sat with me and B and we all took turns holding her, they were both great help! It took Bridgette a couple of days to adjust to being away from home. She did not sleep well the first few nights but by mid-week she had it figured out and was much happier. She loved long walks on the beach and always took a great nap when we walked. We could never catch her at a happy time to go swimming. We always tried after her nap but usually he would be fussy because she was hungry. We did manage to get her into the ocean and put her feet in the pool. She wasn't sure what to think about either one, but she did tolerate both for a few minutes. She did great on the plane ride back and adjusted to being back at home well. I think she was ready to sleep in her own bed again just like I was!