Welcome to our blog! Bridgette was born on my due date, January 17, 2011. We are truely blessed!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov. 6 shower

On November 6th three of my best friends threw me a wonderful shower. Jaimie got sick with a stomach bug and couldn't make it to the shower. It wasn't the same without her but her wonderful family still let us use their beautiful house for the shower. Thank you Guck family!! We got so many cute little baby girl clothes, blankets, books, and many other wonderful baby things! I had several friends come in town that I haven't seen in forever and we had a wonderful weekend catching up! Unfortunately my mom couldn't make it to the shower because my dad was still in the hospital after his bypass surgery. I know she was sad she missed it but he needed her more that day!

31 week sonogram

We had another sonogram to see if my placenta had moved up because it was low lying. My doctor was confident that it would move up but she wanted to check to make sure it did. We would never pass up on an opportunity to see our baby!! She has gotten so big that you could only see a few body parts at time on the screen. She moved a lot during the sonogram and even yawned!! It was precious!! She is weighing about 3.14 pounds which the docotor said was 50th percentile. She said she is very average and if she continues growing at the same rate she should weigh around 7.8 pounds at birth. We can't wait to see if she is right!

27 weeks

Here is my belly at 27 weeks. It is starting to get big!! I feel great and can't believe how much energy the second trimester brings. One more week until the third trimester, let's see if my energy level stays the same. I feel the baby move all the time and she likes to stick her butt out of my side often. It is a very strange feeling!

25 week sonogram

We had a level two sonogram done at the hosptial. It was really awesome because their equipment is better than at the doctor's office and we could in much better detail. The doctor checked out all the babies organs and made sure everything was developing like it should be. She said that our baby was really boring because she was perfect. We got to see the four chamber of the heart, the main arteries, her stomach, kidneys and many other really cool body parts. She also double checked to make sure it is a girl and she said that it sure was =)