Welcome to our blog! Bridgette was born on my due date, January 17, 2011. We are truely blessed!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Nursery Video and the tutu

Here is the video. It's not the best because it is the first video I filmed. Hopefully I'll get better with time =)

Emily and I got crafty and made the baby her first Tutu. Every girl needs a tutu right?? I can't wait to dress her up and take pictures.

The Nursery

We finally finished the nursery!! I think that it turned out really cute. Now we just need her to be born so that she can enjoy it and use it. Patrick made her name, didn't he do a great job?! I can't believe how long it is, but oh well some day she will learn to spell it. Our friend Jeana painted to art work that is hanging by the window. She did such an awesome job, I just love it!! My mom is making a valance and a foot pad for the glider. Please excuse the clutter in the corner, we still have a little bit of organizing to do. I took a video but am having technical difficulties getting off of my new flip video camera. I will post it as soon as Patrick figures out how to save it to the computer. Until then here are some pictures that I took.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life in the third trimester

I am now in the third and final trimester. And boy has life been crazy!! Patrick has been working on remodeling our bedroom since the middle of October. Due to all the health issues my dad had this project has taken twice as long as it should have. At my 35 week appointment my doctor said that I was already 50% effaced. She said she wasn't sure if I would make it to my due date, it is too early to predict but she wouldn't be surprised if this baby came early. This sent me into total panic mode. The nursery wasn't ready, I couldn't sleep in my bedroom because it was a danger zone and smelled like paint, Patrick still hadn't hung the crown molding in the nursery, we finally had furniture in the nursery but we had no time to wash and organize anything. As you can tell I am rambling but that is exactly how I have felt since week 34.

The last two weeks have been busy but we have accomplished a lot. Our bedroom is basically complete, we only need window sills which will be installed very soon. The nursery is about 95% ready. I had some very dedicated friends come and help me get things organized in the nursery. They were life savers because due to my pregnancy brain it looked like a bomb had gone off in the room. I finally feel like if this baby was born today then we would actually be ready. Now that we are prepared I am sure she will be late =)

My energy level is slowly declining. Between finishing Christmas shopping and shopping for the baby I am pooped. I try to relax as much as possible and the cats usually help me do this. Pepe still wants to cuddle with me but he can't seem to find a comfortable place to lay. He has resorted to stretching across my chest because he doesn't like it when the baby kicks him. At night he sleeps on top of my body pillow with his face pressed up against mine or he sleeps on Patrick's face (which is my preference). Puma usually just lays next to me or by my feet, I think he is the smart one.

I just had my 36 week appointment and she said I was dilated about 0.5 cm and my effacement was the same. Any day this precious miracle will be here. Now we are just playing the waiting game and taking bets on if she will come early or not. As for me I have one more week to relax and then I get to attempt to do my job until she arrives. Patrick is surviving my very pregnant self and has been a really good supportive husband. He works hard everyday and understands when I just need to rest.

Showers are fun

We have had two more showers since my last update. My wonderful special ed team at MST threw us a really nice shower. Patrick attended and we had a really good time and got a lot of needed items and a lot of very cute girlie items. Also Amy, Tiffany, Emily and Linda threw us a couples shower. Patrick seemed to think no one would attend but when we showed up we were proved wrong. We had tons of friends and family there to help us celebrate! My mom even made it in town for this shower because my dad was still in rehab which meant she could get away for the weekend. We had a wonderful weekend with her and the shower wouldn't have been the same without her. We missed my dad but gave him the full update over the phone. We got so many needed baby items I wasn't sure they would all fit in the truck, some how Patrick managed to get everything to fit.