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Saturday, May 5, 2012

15 months with B

The past 15 months have been awesome! Bridgette is growing into such a fun, intelligent person and her personality is really beginning to show. She definitley talks more than I do and has a big vocabulary. She is now talking in 2-3 word phrases and loves to sing. When she is not talking she is singing. She loves to play outside. She loves bubbles and digging in the dirt. Pepe and Puma have finally learned to tolerate her. She gives them hugs and kisses often and she loves to share her tea with Puma. He is the best at tolerating her roughness. I cannot imagine life without her. She makes everyday worth getting out of bed. At her 15 month appointment she was sick with a horrible virus. She had broken blood vessels all over her backside and ulcers in her mouth. She also ran a high fever for 4 days. It was awful seeing her so sick. Patrick took her to see the doctor and he said it was a long appointment which involved many people having to hold B down. It ended with a trip to the hospital for blood work and to drop off some samples. Test results showed it was the Adenovirus. I had never heard of it either, so you are not alone in that thought. I took her yesterday for her follow up appointment and she weighed in at 24 lbs 10 oz. Big girl, yes she is! She was also 31 1/2" tall. Dr. H said she looked great and was glad to see she was feeling better. We got to finish off our appointment at the hospital one more time for blood work. Blood draw and a 15 month = NO fun! I'm glad it is over and I can't wait to do it again in a month for the GI dr. Stomach update - B is still drinking her Mercedes formula. She has learned to like it. She is vanilla girl and not a chocolate. I'm a little disappointed in that since I am such a chocoholic. She is doing well with her formula and her dairy free diet. Her BMs are normal and she only goes 1-2 a day. Her stomach is also flat, well as flat as it can be for a toddler =) We go back to the GI dr at the beginning of June so hopefully we will have more info then.

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